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About Us

What is 7 Fat Cows and how does it work?

7 Fat Cows is a company I began to help create peace of mind by being prepared and to help others prepare. To be ready for any emergency, preparedness is a universal value. What is an emergency? We used to live in Florida where there were an incredible amount of devastating hurricanes. When you were affected by it it’s devastating. You loose power, so you lose all your food, your meat, no water to drink or cook with. What about milk for your babies? You went to the stores with the panicking masses where the shelves of a grocery store are emptied within hours. What if you didn’t have the money to purchase food for 3 days? What if the emergency lasted longer? What if the hurricane destroyed where you worked and now your unemployed? Wouldn’t you have peace of mind knowing all along, little by little you’ve prepared and provided for your family? Our foods are 30 year shelf life and are absolutely delicious. I’ve served them to guest who rave how wonderful dinner was and then I inform them it is 25 year shelf life emergency food! They are astounded.

Where did the idea come from?

I grew up being taught these principles. Our grandparents and parents grew up in the Great Depression. We grew vegetables, fruit and canned to last the whole year. Those are great principles even buying can goods from a store little by little, the problem is they only last 1 year. We have no idea how long any emergency will last…be a hurricane, snow storm, unemployment, pandemic, economic upheaval. We just don’t know. Prepare…Be Ready

Does it have reference to the biblical story?

Yes it does. In Genesis 41 it talks about the Pharaoh of Egypt having a dream about 7 Fat Cows eating by the river Nile and 7 cows that were ill , gaunt and ugly came out of the Nile and devoured the 7 Fat Cows. Pharaoh asked all of his magicians what the dream meant and none of them could answer him. They knew of a man who interrupted dreams in the prison and sent for Joseph a Hebrew. He told Pharaoh that God within him would interpret. He told the Pharaoh that the 7 Fat Cows were seven good and plentiful years but the 7 cows who were ill, gaunt and ugly came and devoured the 7 Fat Cows represented seven years of famine and hunger. Joseph full of wisdom advised the Pharaoh to find a man who would be wise to be over the land and who make a plan to save 20% of the crop in the field for the seven years of famine. The Pharaoh appointed Joseph a Hebrew to be the second most powerful man in Egypt. For seven years 20% of the grain in each field was stored away, in each city. When the seven years of famine hit the Egyptians had food to eat. ALL of the countries surrounding Egypt came and bought from them. Isn’t that awesome!! That Egypt not only had enough for them and their families, cities but enough for their neighbors as well!

What is the main goal/purpose of the operation and why now? Is this concept something you saw elsewhere? Does the pandemic have anything to do with it? 

My purpose is to empower people, churches, cities to be prepared, to create peace not dependency on our government. Yes our government does help, it does provide somewhat but do we want to be dependent? To encourage people in what 7 Fat Cow years we have left to get ready for what ever the future holds. Who knew a year ago we would have a global pandemic, unemployment, emptying food pantries? The concept was principles I grew up with. It was accentuated by traveling in the military in third world countries, living through hurricanes, tornados and snow storms.  The pandemic stirred up the dream even stronger to broaden the wisdom of preparedness. Have you walked in a food pantry lately, their empty! The demand for basic needs is enormous. Have peace. Prepare…Be Ready.

How does someone learn more about your business or ordering these food buckets?

Go to our website www.7fatcowsprepping. Let us help you to start creating peace of mind for you and your family or dream big and help your community. We have a plan for anyone from starter kits to 7 year supply, and MORE! I have a starter kit of 25 year shelf life food that will last 1 person 72 hours of food and drink for under 40.00 plus shipping. We offer 30 year shelf life meat, vegetables, fruit, entrees like Cheesy Lasagna, Chili Mac, Potato Pot Pie, Macaroni and Cheese (YUM) and more. Again these are delicious meals that will fool anybody. Your also able to get breakfast foods like powered eggs, brown sugar and maple multi grain cereal. I also offer gluten free and organic foods. I also offer water filtration bottles that can filter water 99.99% of pollutants for up to 100 gallons of water. We will be added many more products as we grow. Our supplier is here in the USA, Ready Wise out of Salt Lake City, Utah, they are a top ranked emergency food supply company in the USA.

What do the buckets consist of and how many people do they supply and for how long? 

We offer starter packs that provide 1 person 72 hours of food and drink, 60 servings, 120 servings 720 servings, up to 4320 servings that is 7 years of peace of mind.

The time is NOW! Prepare…Be Ready

susan stroschein

Susan Stroschein

Content Creator

Susan Stroschein was born and bred into a lifestyle of preparation. From her childhood with parents who survived the great depression to serving in the Air Force where preparation and readiness was crucial to living.  She spent 23 years in Central Florida where she furthered her understanding of what its like to be without basic essentials after a natural disasters. Stroschein has a heart for the people and knew that starting a business to help others be prepared in tough situations was essential to the future of those around her.

Susan Strochein

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