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Sheltering in Place: What to Do

sheltering in place

Sometimes, the smartest thing a person can do during or immediately after an emergency is to just stay put. Sheltering in place is typically advised by local officials when evacuating (or travel in general) is considered to be less safe than hunkering down and staying at home. But what does ‘sheltering in place’ mean, exactly? […]

How Long Can You Survive Without Water

how long can you survive without water

Water is crucial to a human’s survival. There’s been multiple stories about a person stranded somewhere that somehow survived without water for over a week, but it’s almost impossible. There’s a lot of factors that go into how long one can survive without water. Survival Time Water makes up 60% of a person’s body weight. […]

National Preparedness Month – Best Practices

National Preparedness Month 

As we have all learned, being prepared for a pandemic is very important. The more people that are prepared, the less panic buying will go on. National Preparedness Month focuses on preparing as many people as possible. National Preparedness Month focuses on the essentials How To Prepare For A Pandemic ( Ready.Gov) – Stock up on […]

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