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Just as the groundhog promised…[Winter Storms 2021]


As the Groundhog Promised

Just as the groundhog promised, we are in the midst of seeing six more weeks of winter. The United States has been rocked this past week by two massive winter storms. These storms have caused major power outages, food shortages, and a lack of water supply to many southern states. Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are the three states that have seen the most damage from the storms thus far, and as it seems, people in the south are ill-prepared for winter-related storms. 

From a personal standpoint, living in Alabama, when we get a little ice on the road – everything shuts down, and we have a snow day. To our surprise, we actually did see snow this week, and for my grandchildren, that was a wonderful first experience, just as the groundhog predicted.

My heart goes out to those people in Texas who have been without power for days and possibly without food and water, too. I can only imagine what it must be like to be stranded in the freezing cold and not have what you need – to at least be semi-comfortable. It is an experience that I am certain I never want to have. My hope is that all of these people who have been affected by the storm – were prepared to be stranded in their homes for days with plenty of blankets, food and water. 

As a Floridian for 23 years, we learned quickly to always have extra supplies, of all kinds, at our fingertips. Especially after 2004 when hurricanes Charlie, Francis, and Ivan decided to take their part out of central Florida. My family was lucky because we were on the hospital grid, so we never went long without power, but the people around us were not as fortunate. 

I was determined then that preparing for natural disasters was an absolute must for the future, and thus, my quest began. 

Today, I want to urge each of you – those who are in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi living the nightmare and those who have yet to experience anything of the sort – be prepared. Be ready.

Take this opportunity to begin stocking up. We have emergency kits and 25-year shelf-life food. We have water filtration bottles that will purify up to 100 gallons of water and even health-related products.

I know you must be thinking – how would a water filtration bottle help someone who is snowed in without power or running water, and well, that’s an easy and honest answer: snow. I would grab my water filtration bottle, fill it with snow and as the snow melts, I can squeeze the bottle and draw fresh, purified water right through the straw.

The emergency kits consist of ready-to-grab foods, survival kits and 72-hour food supplies. The larger buckets contain up to 120 servings of easy to prepare foods, such as vegetables, fruits and even freeze-dried meats. The buckets have a 25-year shelf life and only require water, or in this case, melted snow to cook.

You see, when I opened this company, I didn’t do it to make money. I did it because I saw there was a need, and I wanted to help people. I knew that one day everyone would go through a situation like we’d been through back in 2004, and I wanted to be the one to say, “Let me help you.”
So, today, again – let me help you. Don’t wait until it happens to you or happens again to you – prepare today, be ready!

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susan stroschein

Susan Stroschein

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Susan Stroschein was born and bred into a lifestyle of preparation. From her childhood with parents who survived the great depression to serving in the Air Force where preparation and readiness was crucial to living.  She spent 23 years in Central Florida where she furthered her understanding of what its like to be without basic essentials after a natural disasters. Stroschein has a heart for the people and knew that starting a business to help others be prepared in tough situations was essential to the future of those around her.

Susan Strochein

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